Global Access

Global Access


New global services at your call, anytime and anywhere.

As a Citigold customer, the privileges you enjoy are truly borderless. With Citigold Global Access,
you can enjoy the same superior services you receive at home, simply by presenting your Citigold International Citicard when you are abroad

Now, you can continue to enjoy the same exclusive banking and lifestyle services with Citigold,
even when you are miles away from home.

Citigold Global Access gives you access to a wide range of banking services when you are overseas while Foreign Exchange Services provides you the convenience of foreign currency transactions.

Citigold Global Access gives you privileged banking services at over 550 Citigold Centres worldwide, inclusive of these additional benefits*.

Access to Citigold Centres and use of business facilities
Enjoy fee waiver on fund transfers with Citibank Global Transfer
Withdrawal of up to USD10,000 of emergency cash
Preferential foreign exchange rates

Connect to your home Citigold 24-Hour Hotline when you are overseas via a single toll-free number 800-CITI CODE (2484-2633) and request assistance for free.

Step 1: Dial the International Dialing Code (eg, Malaysia is 00, Hong Kong 001 followed by
800-2484 2633)
Step 2: Choose preferred language
Step 3: Enter country code (eg, '60' for Malaysia)

So, be it banking privileges, lifestyle needs or emergency services, Citigold is with you every step of the way.

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